LUNASAN industry and amusement centers has been established by Mustafa Pehlivan to work in the field of fairground running business within the area of Kocaeli fair in 1974 from the establishment until to day the company has succeed in becoming one of the leading companies with the novelties in the amusement and manufacturing sectors

Under the hard conditions of the establishment years in Turkey the company started with the manufacturing bumper cars. Took his place as one of the Turkey’s biggest fairground equipment manufacturer mainly in manufacturing gondola, carousel anb ballerina at the moment expanding manufacturing after turn of years in different playthings.

Beside covering the domestic demand in a high mass, the company is exporting into mainly Europe, Middle-East and African countries.

LUNASAN, continuing manufacturing in 10.000 square meter covered and open area, is also continuing running fairground establishments Kocaeli Fair (center) and Bolu.